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Dear friends! We are pleased to present to you a collection of free coloring pages featuring one of the characters from the Skibidi Toilet series – Speakerman. Speakerman is an agent of the Alliance, with a speaker instead of a head. Traditionally, he wears a black suit and a black tie, and black shoes. However, there are many variations of Speakerman; he is the only agent with a wide variety of costumes. For example, in the 24th episode of the Skibidi Toilet series, five different outfits of the hero were shown.

Coloring pages of Speakerman is a great opportunity to spend time with your favorite character without straining your eyes. The free images on this page will help you relax, take a break from everyday problems, and unwind after a tough day.

Enjoy your time!

25+ brand new Speakerman coloring pages – download, print, and color!

1 – Brave Large Speakerman and Speakerman - Speakerman Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
2 – Cute Speakerman - Speakerman Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
3 – Large Speakerman, TV-man and Cameraman - Speakerman Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
4 – Toilet Car - Speakerman Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
5 – Brave Large Speakerman - Speakerman Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
6 – Pretty Speakerwoman - Speakerman Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
7 – Speakerman Titan - Speakerman Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
8 – Spider Speaker - Speakerman Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest

Our coloring adventure begins with two Speakermans. In this free coloring page for kids, Brave Big Speakerman is talking to his little friend. It seems like this little Speakerman is upset about something, and the older brother is trying to comfort him.

Meet the stylish little Speakerman in the next image. This illustrated character contains a lot of details despite its cartoonish appearance.

If you liked this coloring page, print it with a single click on the site or download it in PDF format, and let’s move on to the next image.

Enter the stage a group of Alliance agents, consisting of three iconic characters: Brave Large Speakerman, Large TV Man, and the regular Cameraman. You can visually compare the sizes of these heroes.

While coloring this image, try to reflect the friendly relationships among the Alliance agents and preserve the courage and strength of each individual character. Have fun!

The Toilet Car is a unique vehicle first seen in the 25th episode of the Skibidi Toilet series. Red Tied Speakerman was driving it. Viewers also noticed that this toilet underwent many modifications, allowing it to move much faster than most existing vehicles.

The next coloring page of Brave Large Speakerman will allow you to relax and get a closer look at his appearance. The image is quite simple, which doesn’t make it any less exciting to color.

I hope you remember that among the Cameramen, there was a female version? Well, there is also Speakerwoman, whom we meet in the next picture. The main difference between Speakerwoman and the regular Speakerman is that she has a pink speaker. The heroine has a playful and cheerful character, unlike, for example, the more stately Camerawoman.

Introducing you to the giant Titan Speakerman, who is always eager for battle. The character first appears in the 26th episode of the series, helping the Alliance agents in the battle against the Skibidi Thief.

Take colored pencils in hand and try to reflect the greatness and huge size of Titan Speakerman in this entertaining coloring page!

The Speaker Strider is hard to call Speakerman, but this creature was developed later for more effective combat against Skibidi Toilets. Speaker Strider uses sound waves in battle, which can literally sweep away almost all types of enemies. Just imagine how much time it can save in a fight!

On this page, we tried to gather all possible variations of Speakerman coloring pages: from the regular Speakerman to Speaker Strider. Note that as new episodes are released and artists work on new material, the page will be updated and supplemented.

We would be delighted to receive your comments! Attach your works, tell us if you liked the free coloring pages, and what you would like to see in the future!

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