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TVMan (Cinemaman) is a popular character from the YouTube series Skibidi Toilet. The character first appears in episode 39, where he hypnotizes enemies, assisting the Alliance Agents. TVMan’s appearance is slightly different from other Agents; he also wears a black suit, with the main distinctive feature being an old television instead of a head.

The hero’s unique ability is hypnosis, which allows him to effortlessly deal with enemies. Protection against hypnotic influence can be achieved with special glasses.

TVMan coloring pages from the Skibidi Toilet series on this page is a great opportunity to have fun coloring your favorite character. Give your own Alliance Agent a unique look! All images can be downloaded in PDF format and printed on A4 with just one click!

Free TVMan coloring pages – color with HeartColoring!

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2 TV man with five monitors - TVMan Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
3 Beauty TV woman - TVMan Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
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5 Titan TV Man - TVMan Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
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TVMan – a unique Alliance hero

Our small journey into the world of coloring begins with the depiction of the cute little TVMan Titan. By the way, this character has another distinctive feature – he is the most emotional among all Alliance Agents, as clearly seen in this coloring page! Come up with an original look for this little one!

Large TVMan – an enlarged version of the character equipped with additional screens. Four televisions on his back emit a very bright white light, dazzling anyone who looks directly at him.

In the next coloring page, we’ll meet TVWoman, who is casually sitting on a defeated Skibidi Toilet. She seems genuinely happy!

What do you think of this fun winking TVMan in the coloring page below? Share your impressions in the comments!

Titan TVMan – the largest TVMan encountered so far. Spikes are located on his elbows and back, and there is a core on his chest, just like all Titan Agents.

The coloring page below is a small fantasy on the image of TVWoman. Here, the heroine is depicted with two additional screens and four arms. It seems this cute girl could fight Skibidi Toilets much more effectively.

Coloring TVMan from the Skibidi Toilet

TVMan is not the most colorful character in the series, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and use colors not presented in his original design. With free TVMan coloring pages, you can truly express your creativity, considering that the site features images of almost all their varieties: from Titan TVMan to TVMan Scientist and TVWoman.

Download your favorite images, print and color them as you like! We look forward to your comments; also, attach the results of your creativity and share them with other HeartColoring visitors!

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