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We present to you a collection of free coloring pages featuring another well-known Sanrio character – Pochacco. This cute white dog with floppy ears is incredibly popular, with hundreds of thousands of products featuring him sold every year! All the images on this page can be downloaded in JPG and PDF formats and printed on A4 sheets with a single click.

20+ New Pochacco Coloring Pages for Kids

Pochacco goes on a journey - Pochacco Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
Pochacco with a plush toy - Pochacco Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
Cute Pochacco with ice cream - Pochacco Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
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A Famous Character in the World of Coloring

Join Pochacco on an exciting journey through the world of coloring! In the first image in our collection, he is standing under an umbrella at a bus stop. He looks a bit pensive because he doesn’t know what to expect from this adventure.

In the next free coloring page, Pochacco is playing with a cute plush toy. By the look on his face, he seems to be hinting that we shouldn’t distract him from this important activity.

It seems that Pochacco really loves ice cream! Just look at this huge cone with two delicious scoops. The choice of colors when coloring will determine what kind of ice cream it will be: vanilla, strawberry, or perhaps mint. You can also add lots of decorations and work on the background to create a truly amazing design.

Look how confused our hero is! Pochamie’s kiss evokes mixed feelings in him. Maybe this is the beginning of something more!

In the next image, we meet Pochacco in the role of Cupid. He winks at the viewers, hinting that he might come to them next time.

Is our journey already over? It seems Pochacco isn’t very happy about this fact, he’s furious! But don’t worry, we’ll update this page soon and add even more free coloring pages of this cute Sanrio character!

The History of Pochacco

Pochacco’s birthday is considered to be February 29, 1989 (one of the days of the Leap Year, which technically doesn’t exist). The character was born on Uguisu Yokocho and now lives in the city of Fuwa Fuwa.

In the early years of the character’s life, he was also called “Yorimichi Dog,” but the current name proved to be more fitting and memorable. Pochacco loves sports games like soccer and basketball, and around the mid-90s, he started skateboarding.

Sanrio often changes the character’s story to attract new audiences in different regions. Sometimes it is said that he was born in Brazil or Mexico.

Creativity with Pochacco

The free Pochacco coloring pages on this page are a great opportunity to unleash your imagination and creative thinking. This not only involves choosing colors for coloring, but also inventing a new look for the character, as in some pictures, he is depicted in isolation. You can come up with a new look for him and create a certain situation or even a story!

Download, print on A4 sheets, and color the best Pochacco coloring pages with HeartColoring! We also welcome any comments and feedback. Attach the results of your and your children’s creative works to messages and stay with us!

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