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We sincerely hope that among the audience of our website, there are true Minions fans. Welcome to a collection of high-quality free Minions coloring pages – cute little creatures that first appeared in the movie “Despicable Me” and later became fully independent heroes of the eponymous animated film.

So, “Minions” is an American comedy animated film released in theaters in 2015 after the resounding success of these funny creatures. The animated film serves as a prequel to the “Despicable Me” series and tells the story of the minions before they meet the most despicable villain of all time – Gru. It is worth noting that this page collects minion coloring pages based on all movies featuring them.

All images can be downloaded in PDF format and printed on A4 sheets with just one click. Please note that they are intended solely for personal non-commercial use.

30+ unique Minions coloring pages – print and color!

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Minions Coloring Adventure

The main characters of the animated film “Minions” are the brave pioneers: Bob, Kevin, and Stuart. They are the ones who left the icy cave and set out to find happiness in other lands. Kevin became the leader of the squad, and it was his idea in the first place.

Imagine how fun it would be if our heroes went on a surfing trip, as shown in the coloring page below. Here, the brave adventurers Kevin and Stuart ride the waves, performing acrobatic tricks.

Here’s a coloring page featuring a funny minion in a Count Dracula costume. It seems this happy character is very pleased with his magnificent Halloween outfit.

In the next image, we see Stuart as a real pirate. Just look at his grin! He looks fierce and intimidating even if the minion wasn’t armed with a gun.

What do you think will happen if you swing your weapon left and right? Right, you’ll end up behind bars!

The next free coloring page depicts a purple mutant, which Dr. Nefario and El Macho transformed minions into. Infected minions became incredibly aggressive and lost their minds, obeying only their master.

Minions’ Plot History

Since their inception, minions have served only the most hardened villains, from Tyrannosaurus Rex to Count Dracula. Unfortunately, each time they faced failure, due to some ridiculous circumstances, they ended up killing their masters. For example, on Dracula’s birthday, the minions decided to add a little sunlight to the castle and opened the curtains. It’s not hard to guess what happened to the vampire at that moment.

After Napoleon’s death, the minions decided to accept their fate and found refuge in an icy cave, where they decided to live for their own pleasure and not serve anyone else. Unfortunately, it turned out that they cannot exist without a master; over time, the minions lose the meaning of life and quickly fall into depression.

Kevin steps in to save the day; he takes Stuart and Bob into his squad and sets out to find a new master.

On this positive note, our exciting adventure into the world of Minions coloring pages comes to an end. We hope you enjoyed these free images! Share in the comments which ones you printed for yourself or your children, and be sure to share the results of your creativity!

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