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Especially for users of HeartColoring.com, we have prepared a unique collection of free printable coloring pages with Mickey Mouse and his friends: Pluto, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, and others. All the pictures on this page can be downloaded in PDF format or printed on A4 sheets with just one click. Color along with us!

Mickey Mouse is an animated character, one of the most famous symbols of The Walt Disney Company’s animation studio and all of American culture. In most of the studio’s projects, Mickey appears alongside his dog named Pluto, often spends time with his best friend, Donald Duck. Additionally, the cute little mouse has a sweetheart – Minnie. The main character himself appears in cartoons, video games, comics, and even in amusement parks.

40+ New Coloring Pages of Mickey Mouse and his Friends for the Whole Family!

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Journey into the World of Walt Disney with Free Coloring Pages

Just look at this friendly little mouse! He invites you to embark on an amazing coloring adventure with us. Many children should be familiar with this gesture of Mickey’s, as that’s how he called kids to follow him in one of the many animated series.

The scene below is a great opportunity to color your favorite characters of the universe. The coloring page features Mickey, his girlfriend Minnie, and Donald Duck with his sweetheart Daisy. The friends have set off on an autumn picnic, which you can fill with bright colors.

Usually, Mickey Mouse doesn’t appear as a mouse actively engaged in sports, but in the next image, we see him in a sports outfit. The hero is surrounded by a lot of sports equipment: he spins a basketball on his finger, leans on a baseball bat, and nearby are a tennis racket and an American football.

What do you think Mickey enjoys most? Write about it in the comments! We’ll also be glad if you share your own sports hobbies.

Mickey Mouse’s best friend, Donald, also has many favorite activities. For example, one of his hobbies is playing the ukulele. Can you play any musical instruments?

Can you handle coloring a real date? Here Mickey is swinging on a swing with his sweetheart. The gallant gentleman holds the girl’s hand and seems to be enthusiastically telling her something.

Our little journey will end with Pluto – the famous mouse’s pet. In this coloring page, he’s going for a little winter walk, so he’s wearing a stylish knitted hat and a warm scarf. Have you already thought about what color you’ll paint this set?

More free coloring pages!

Mickey is on holiday - Mickey Mouse ​Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
Baby Mickey - Mickey Mouse ​Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest
Furious Donald - Mickey Mouse ​Coloring Pages Share on Pinterest

Mickey Mouse’s History

Few people know that Mickey Mouse appeared as a replacement for Oswald the Rabbit, the rights to use the character of which Walt Disney lost due to his own carelessness. Numerous disagreements with the Universal Pictures company led to the animator losing not only the rights to his own character but also most of his team. As a result, Walt, together with several of his most loyal colleagues, began work on a new character for his animation.

Mickey Mouse’s first appearance on screen took place on November 18, 1928, in one of the theaters in New York. The cartoon “Steamboat Willie” didn’t make a sensation, but it was very popular with the audience.

Subsequently, the original character’s image changed and evolved many times, largely due to the development of animation and the emergence of modern technologies. Mickey Mouse himself appeared in hundreds of cartoons and shorts, playing roles as a soldier, tourist, mouse, gallant gentleman, and many others.

Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages for Children are an excellent opportunity to introduce them to foreign culture and one of the most vivid characters of our childhood. Download in PDF, print your favorite pictures, and color with the whole family!

Favorite Children’s Characters

In addition to Mickey himself, you will also find free coloring pages of other popular characters from The Walt Disney Company on this page:

  • Pluto – Mickey Mouse’s faithful friend and pet, the main character of 48 cartoons from various years.
  • Minnie Mouse – an anthropomorphic mouse, Mickey’s sweetheart and close friend of Daisy Duck.
  • Goofy – unlike Pluto, this character is an anthropomorphic dog, goofy but incredibly kind and positive.
  • Donald Duck – an anthropomorphic duck, Mickey Mouse’s best friend, primarily remembered for his unintelligible speech.

Coloring pages of these and other characters from the Mickey Mouse universe are already waiting for you! Arm yourself with your favorite drawing tools and embark on your own coloring adventure. We’d love to see the results of your work, you can attach them to your comments.

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